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Customer Service
Our customer service team si always available to help you find the best solution in all our locations.
Monthly Rentals
1 to 3 months
If you’re in town for a month or more a temporary furnished apartment can save money as well as have more space. Your own kitchen will probably come in handy too.
Extended Stays
3 months - 6+ Months
For people moving temporarily for work or personal reasons for extended periods, serviced furnished apartments are the perfect choice.
Professional Providers Network
Our network includes only professional housing service providers which we verify personally. We do not allow individual home owners to post their apartment on our website.
Corporate Housing
For many corporations with satelite offices in other countries / cities it has made sense for a long time to rent furnished apartments rather than placing employees in hotels.

About us is a free service booking agency specializes in helping corporations & individuals book Furnished Rentals in Canada (aka: Corporate Housing, Temporary Apartments, Serviced Apartments and Extended Stay Suites)

We can help you find the perfect furnished apartments for rent in many cities in GTA including Toronto, Oakville, Mississauga, North York, Vaughan, Etobicoke. What makes us unique is our selection of hand-picked quality furnished rentals from professional property managers.  read more